Private One-to-One Coaching with Meicha


For a limited time you can schedule one-to-one 60 minute consultations with Meicha.  Upon making your payment you will receive a detailed assessment inventory about your life and wellness needs. Then we will schedule a time to begin your one-to-one session.  The first session will be via Zoom and the other calls will be via telephone. Calls can be recorded with your permission.  Meicha’s private coaching rate is $250.00 per hour.  To receive the best rates book a package.


One-to- one coaching is best for you to get down to the nitty gritty with Meicha.

These confidential and in-depth sessions are for you if:

  • You need intensive help to address specific personal needs and support to overcome particular challenges or obstacles?
  • You need a tailored radical wellness life map to help you meet your specific health needs; activate your body to  release excessive weight
  • You want to transform your relationships such as forgiveness and compromise in your marriage
  • You want to let go of pain, hurt and anxiety
  • You want to find clarity in the middle of chaos
  • You want to get radical in your career, ask for the pay you are worth or have an accountability system put in place to help you make the leap to starting your own business

10 sessions

for $1,250 or $1000 up front


5 sessions

for $625 or $500 up front


3 sessions

for $375 or $300 up front


Spring Special One Hour Private Session with Meicha

(One Session Only)
For $100 (Save $25.00) Regularly $250.00