20Dec 2015

      Last night a watched the movie “All is Lost” starring Robert Redford. If you know me or when you get to know me, you will know I am a book lover. I read. There is a TV in my house and 99% of the time it is playing music or child safe […]

22Dec 2015

  As literal as it is figurative I wear a mask.  I really want to take it off, however, I really do not know how to do so without drawing too much attention to myself.  See, I really, really get uncomfortable in the spotlight when it’s on me. If I’m helping others, it does not […]

25Dec 2015

  The essence of Matthew 20:26  Whoever  wants to become great must be your servant.  Also spoken of many times is, ‘let go of whatever does not serve you!’ Let go of people, things, experience, memories, etc.  I saw this statement yesterday and I was ready to give a thumbs up or like and something […]

03Jan 2016

To answer this question we must first understand who or what life coaching is all about.  Life coaching helps someone (a client) move from where they are to where they want to be in a faster time than they would have been able to on their own.  It is providing 1:1 empowerment with feedback and […]