I’m Meicha Geohagen-Moguche

I am a Certified Life, Wellness and Self-care Coach with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. On a daily basis I help women like you transform their life, improve their health, shed perfectionism and live a fulfilling life on their own terms.

It is possible for you to live an abundant life of love, freedom and hope.



Many women like you share the same story. I was one of those women. I am a mother, wife, professional career-woman and community supporter. I was stretched thin. I gave of myself so much to others that I found that I was losing myself in the process. I strived for perfection in every area of my life; an impossible task. I never said “no”. I was working full-time as a Medical Social Worker dealing with clients with life threatening conditions and I was also a part-time Network Marketer. I was active in my community and faced multiple responsibilities as a mother and wife. My career was primarily focused on helping others through difficult situations. Ironically, I couldn’t ask for help myself. I felt myself spiraling out of control and my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health began to decline.


After visiting a doctor, I realized that I had to stop giving so much of myself to others because I would only end up hurting myself. During this difficult period of my life, I reached out to a Life Coach who altered the course of my life dramatically. During the process, I learned to overcome my obstacles, engage in positive-thinking and live with purpose through diligent work, prayer, reading and soul-searching.

The experience drastically transformed my life.


You too can change the course of your life and embrace your inner Queen. My background and experience as a Social Worker for the past 10 years makes me highly qualified to guide you through counseling, group facilitation programs, one-on-one therapy and crisis intervention to heal and thrive in the life you deserve. My Certification as a Life and Wellness Coach will help you find your life’s purpose, find peace of mind and balance the way you treat your responsibilities to others.

Our 3 programs, specifically designed for the busy woman, address your individual issues and provide a roadmap to taking back control of your life. We can focus on helping you with health and weight issues, finding your center, getting back on track, elevating your mind, body and soul as well as embracing the Queen that you truly are inside